Brian Gavin Diamond Stud Earrings Review by Consumer

After seeing some of the Elsa Peretti “Diamonds by the Yard” bezel set studs at Tiffany & Co, and even almost buying a pair there on impulse despite the price and the lack of confirmation of cut quality, I decided that I should look more into other options before I went off the reservation and plunked my hard earned cash down for the name-brand pair. Afterall, I wasn’t really sure this option was the best there ever was, despite what the lovely saleswoman was insistent upon being “a Tiffany diamond” and “of course it’s the best there is, it’s from Tiffany.”
Editor’s Note: The content and all photographs contained herein are provided by Amy of the exceptional blog: According to Ame, which is a blog that I’m sure you will enjoy reading… she purchased a pair of diamond stud earrings from Brian Gavin Diamonds awhile back, and has been kind enough to share her experience with my readers! Many thanks Amy, you’re the best!
There are a lot of things I research before buying, not just diamonds, but obviously, when I am plunking down a ton of cash, I want to know I am buying the best I can get for my money. I am not really someone that is scouting for a deal. Sure I like a great price, but only if it’s on exactly the item I want. I am not going to settle to get a great price. And when it comes to diamonds, that’s especially important.

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